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Setup Guide

Instructions for operating the robot

A robot is not a must-have artifact . It is just a response based on the inherent laws of the currency circle. In short, because it does not eat or drink, it is not fatigued. The API interface can work 24 hours a day in milliseconds. In the continuous work of the robot, users need to understand the core characteristics of several mainstream coins in order to better understand the profit logic of our robot:

Never return to zero
The robot operation is based on the international mainstream exchanges. We only operate the top 20 cryptocurrencies. The number of currency holders/trading volume/market depth must be among the top ranks in the world.

After a big rise, it will fall sharply, and after a sharp fall, it will fall back.
Digital currency will be affected by factors such as the global economy/disaster/war, but because it is completely decentralized, it does not rise or fall with the will of any individual or team, so the next moment is whether it rises or falls. Our robot is wrong. Prejudge the rise and fall of the future market, and only respond to the future market.
Because after a big rise, it will inevitably fall. After the big drop, the robot will inevitably pull back. The robot is only under the inherent trajectory of the digital currency. It replaces the manual labor of making high-selling and low-replenishment 24 hours a day. The principle of double-investment replenishment is used to continuously change the price when the market is falling. Hold the spot to lower the average price of the currency held, so that it can be cleared out after the sharp drop and achieve profitability.

When THORBot automatically quantifies robot users, it is recommended to follow the following rules when using the robot:
(Depending on the amount of USDT in the position, the setting will be different)

Regardless of how many trading pairs you choose, it is recommended to make up for 7 times as a basis, and prepare at least two-thirds of the highest position to ensure that there are enough positions to cover up in a bear market. For example, to open 4 trading pairs, the first order is 100U, at least you need to prepare 20000-30000U positions.
Select the currency pair to be the top 17 of Huobi, set the take-profit ratio to 1.3%-2%, set the callback to 0.3%, and set the margin of call-up according to the new high and new low, set it to 2.5%-4%, and callback 0.3%
New highs and new lows are subjective. Pre-judgments are made based on the market conditions in the past few years, and may not reach 100%. The platform only prompts users for reference. The specific market conditions are subject to actual data. Users are not sure about the future market. You can directly follow the conservative standards of the new highs. Operation, although the return rate of such parameters is lower at the new low, the risk is also directly reduced.

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