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​About us

What is THORBot?

ThorBot Quantitative was established in 2019 and raised US$540 million at the beginning of its establishment. It is one of the world's top blockchain technology companies. ThorBot Quantitative initially only provided blockchain technology development services for large enterprises or institutions, but in the process, it opened its own robotic quantitative platform for general retail investors. As one of the most technologically advanced blockchain companies in the world, users all over the world can use ThorBot to conduct automated cryptocurrency transactions. Currently, it has accumulated more than one million customers worldwide. ThorBot Quantitative provides professional blockchain technology development and quantitative transaction services. It also has MSB blockchain licenses in the United States and Canada, and SEC regulatory licenses, providing customers with the highest level of supervision and protection.

15 advantages of THORBot

(1) Support global mainstream digital asset trading platforms, self-care of funds, easy transactions, safe and reliable;

(2) Integrated big data market intelligence analysis and 24-hour network monitoring.

(3) Innovate unlimited tracking and profit-making strategies, monitor the highest point of the current stage, and sell before falling;

(4) Intelligent cloud big data analyzes the market in real time, calculates in real time and adjusts supplementary strategies.

(5) Click to start the quantitative trading system, select the currency for fully automatic intelligent trading, and you can freely control the whole process and carry out actual storage.

(6) Intelligent anti-fall and anti-yin-fall mechanism, automatically suspend order input when it falls, and automatically stop replenishment when it falls, making the bear market safer.

(7) The official conducts multi-dimensional analysis of big data and recommends current suitable trading currencies.

(8) Strictly implement strategies, strictly judge signals, and avoid the influence of subjective emotions.

(9) There are various conditions for opening a position. You can open a position directly, close a position, and open a position after a downward callback, which is more user-friendly and intelligent.

(10) All profit and transaction data are true, and the profit can be clearly checked in your account. The user can view and exchange background data and software data, and the user's own account and software can control the entire process.

(11) The principal is safe and sustainable, and can realize its own compound interest calculation.

(12) The system is only linked to the major currencies among the top 30 mainstream currencies, which is safe and stable in quantity.

(13) All spot transactions and contract transactions are not liquidated.

(14) Profit comes from real transactions on the exchange. The profit model is superior to investment, wealth management and lending methods without the need to transfer funds to a third party.

(15) Positive cycles, sustainable ecological development, and zero bubbles in the positive ratio, leading the healthy development of the market.


THORBot Quantitative Robot Enterprise Service

At present, it has 8 mature product lines such as digital asset trading system, wallet, situational awareness, public chain alliance chain, mining pool, blockchain cloud media, liquidity, Broker, etc., and has created multiple exchange liquidity providers , Financial derivatives technology service platform. At the same time, ThorBot Quantitatively implements a group and global operation strategy. In addition to its headquarters in the United States, it has offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Up to now, ThorBot Quantitative has provided blockchain technology services to more than 500 customers around the world, including more than 300 digital asset exchange customers, more than 150 liquid customers, covering more than 20 regions in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, etc. Accumulatively reached more than 50 million global users in three countries and regions.

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