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Automatic Quantitative trading Robot

Quantitative trading is a trading method adapting analytical and mathematical model to anticipate the likelihood of something happening in the future. We extrapolate the meanings in historical data and create algorithms based on the findings. 

Algorithms is programmed by our expertise, it allows us to trade automatically without human emotions involvement; every execution is based on our predefined criteria; therefore it results in a smaller P&L fluctuation curve.
Have we ever question why we left it to the machinery instead of executing by ourself?

It is because we need discipline. We often tell ourselves we need to buy low sell high; however, it often turns out to be a lost. The reason mostly narrow down to disciplines ; we are human beings, we have emotions, therefore we need machinery to help us to engage in a different manner. 

‘THORBot’ can help u to monitor the market 24/7, and capture profit automatically by executing trades based on our predefined criteria.

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